The Sharks

This is a different lecture from any you've seen thus far... It is about an unusual life, spent among sharks in the Bahamas, giving nocturnal injections to sharks at a zoo, flying cargo airplanes fully loaded with marine critters headed towards the Oceanário de Lisboa (and other fine public aquaria worldwide), teaching and doing research on marine biology, creating and managing companies, all this under a rather significant Star Wars influence, and a few other unexpected surprises.

100+ Lectures

João was born in 1972 and has a marine biology degree (Univ. Algarve, 1994), an M.Sc. in marine resources modelling (Inst. Sup. Técnico, 1997), and a Ph.D. in commercial fisheries of sharks and rays in Portugal (Univ. Aveiro, 2009), which actually landed him the prestigious local ‘Rei D. Carlos’ award that same year. In 2006 he founded Flying Sharks, a company which transports marine organisms all over the world and provides consultancy to public aquaria and other oceans related institutions.

His academic background includes three dozen peer reviewed publications, technical book chapters and over fifty oral communications in international scientific meetings, including two ‘Best Presentation’ Awards in 2012 (Chicago) and 2013 (Bristol).

10.000+ audience members

A natural born communicator, with three TEDx talks under his belt, he has delivered well over one hundred lectures about shark biology and conservation, as well as his most recent ‘Sex, Sharks and Rock & Roll’, inspired by his professional background, delivered in an inspirational and motivational tone to student and corporate audiences alike.

Every lecture's content is easily adjusted to each event's specific goal, but regardless of what that goal may be, João's fundamental pillars of success, under which he has relentless pursued his life's ambitious goals, will be ever present:


Click on the link below to see our presentation (in Portuguese) on the motivational lectures João's been giving for 25+ years.

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